25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

Etsy Shop SEOs

Well it has been quite an adventure, and I am not sure it’s over yet! Etsy, the place where I sell my Jewelry online, has recently changed their whole system. When you look for anything on Etsy now, you are using a system comparable to the Google Search Engine, but not quite. If it was exactly like Google’s SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) it would be easier for everyone who owns a shop. It’s just an intricate, tedious, unending amount of work and I have had quite a few headaches trying to get this thing together. I am more of an expert now than I was a couple of months ago! So if you are a customer and are seeing all these changes happening on my shop that’s what’s going on!

I am basically getting all ready for the Holidays /Christmas Season. I started this summer and have had little time to create because I spent so much time updating listings, photos etc. I think my shop looks better and more the way I always wanted it now and that’s an accomplishment.

Some of my prices have gone up because the price of Sterling Silver has practically doubled this past year. So everything is more expensive for me and has a result for you too.

I am thinking of maybe starting a Newsletter for my customers, but haven’t had the time to get that together yet. I am also going to have a CHRISTMAS SALE, or just FREE SHIPPING for my whole shop! I will get my act together real soon!

I have all kinds of ideas for new designs or other colors for some of the present designs. I sometimes wake up at night dreaming of Jewelry Designs. I pray before I get to sleep for God to show me Designs, since he is the Creator and knows all things. He has been amazing in this way forever! The problem is to remember what the Designs He gave me were, once I wake up!!! I’m so thrilled I am sleeping enough to dream again. I am working with a doctor who helps me naturally and it is working!

Well that’s all for now. Don’t get too stressed out with this new season coming…it’s supposed to be about Peace and Grace and not Stress…right?