Back on My Feet…Almost!

 The Boot
The Boot

Here I am  again after a long absence. A long series of physical issues and overall exhaustion have kept me from blogging. I’ve had my foot in a boot more or less for 4 months now. The ER misdiagnosed a sprain. I had extreme swelling, extreme pain etc. Eventually MRI showed that my foot was badly broken and on top where the healing takes the longest. The Prognosis on Nov 17 was 3 more months in the boot. I am coming to the end of what feels like a prison sentence. I love to walk and haven’t done that since September 26. The good thing is that I have been getting around a bit because it is my left foot and I can drive. Snow and ice in Maine haven’t helped but it has actually been a mild winter for here. CT Scan in a few days will hopefully show that the bones have fused together and the boot will come off.

In spite of everything I haven’t stopped doing and selling jewelry these past few months. God has been good to me and taught me to relax. I prayed for patience and will never pray for it again!!!!! Since Sept 26 when I fell I  was able to fulfill 67 jewelry orders which seems like a lot but has been done at a slow pace and in peace – something I couldn’t do before.  I have learned patience and perseverance through this trial. I have also learned to really appreciate my kind, loving and caring husband who has been just amazing through it all. I am eternally grateful for him. He is also an artist so we do have flexible schedules and that really has helped this healing process.

I just want to also let you know that there is a 25% off sale in my shop. This is a good time to get Valentine’s, Anniversary or Birthday gifts.




3 thoughts on “Back on My Feet…Almost!

  1. Well…for those who are wondering…so sorry I didn’t keep in touch. I am now back on my feet. I have been off the boot for now 3 weeks and doing Physical Therapy. I have a great woman PT and she is just a real nice person. We get along great. My foot is not 100% better but maybe 80% now and definitely on the mend. I still cannot walk barefoot but hopefully that will come soon with spring almost here. I have walked outside 3 times I think and that was hard but so much fun. I love being back to a more normal life. My shop since November has been real busy and I am still enjoying so much being able to design and make jewelry.

  2. Kellie so great to hear from you. Yes it has been a tough time and I can’t wait to go for a walk!!!! I prayed for patience and I don’t think I’ll do that again…watch what you pray for!!!!! Thank you so much for the order, it will be mailed tomorrow morning. I think of you so often and would love to sit down with you sometime for a cup of coffee. that would be really nice. BTW there is no 25% discount on the bracelet you ordered, only one section of the store has a discount. Hope you and your family are well. Much love

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    I’m so sorry to hear about you long recovery/ misdiagnosis….ugh!!!
    It’s amazing that you were able to fulfill your orders going through all of that!
    I just wanted to say hello..
    Do you ever make the Wednesday meeting?
    I have been unable to because of working.
    We’ll take care and God bless you and heal you quickly.

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