About Jeanne

I am a Passionate person and everything I do is 100% + more. I get really involved in everything I do except cleaning!

At The Passionate Pearl I do everything myself: I am the Boss, Artist, Investor, Quality Control Supervisor, Marketing Agent, Purchasing and Customer Service Manager, Product Designer, Graphics Designer, Photographer, Publicist and Packer.

I love pure art and came from a large family of artists. My uncle was a sculptor, my mother a wonderful artist and my grandmother a violinist. All together between my 7 siblings we have a Furniture Maker, a Photographer, a Sculptor, a Musician, a Stained Glass Artist, a Leather Craftsman etc… We all have a deep inclination for these things. I feel that when I don’t use my hands I am not truly alive.

I have lived in the US for almost 40 years now and raised our 3 daughters here. It’s beautiful here in Maine where we live now. Summers are filled with outside activities. Winters are spent inside a little too much for my taste or we go walking, snow shoeing.

Christmas with our 3 daughters and granddaughter
Christmas 2006

It’s been an interesting journey, everything but boring. My husband David is an accomplished Artist and a great guy…he’s a real pearl. So we share our ideas and inspirations. Living with an artist being one myself has been a challenge because we are both extremely sensitive and get really affected by life events and go up and down together as a result which can be a challenge at times. We have been living together for 44 years.

Our three daughters are all involved in art (Designer, Graphic Artist, Writer and Musician) Our Granddaughter Pictured here is an athlete and keeps winning every race she attempts to run she also is very creative person.


2 thoughts on “About Jeanne

  1. Nicole Firestine

    Sorry to learn that you are struggling….but, since I now am aware I am keeping you surrounded with prayer.Lots of love….Nicole Firestine

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