A Little Break for David and Jeanne

P1090209I am sorry for the inconvenience but I have worked really hard these past months with some added physical pain, it hasn’t been easy and I need a vacation. My husband and I are going to France and Italy to visit family and enjoy yummy food. We used to live in Rome in the early 70’s and have always talked about going back there for a visit. We are really looking forward to our trip. We haven’t had a pleasure trip in many years. We haven’t brushed up on our Italian either, just will have to wing it!  French is my native language so being in France should be easy but I still struggle to find some words after having lived in the US for almost 40 years. The times we have traveled far and wide (as far as China and New Zealand) have been ministry trips and not exactly very relaxing. So it’s time to relax and enjoy something different and we are so looking forward to getting away after a long winter.

I will not be in my studio from May 19 to June 4 and would appreciate if you could place your orders before that time. Anything placed after 10153126_636339803088637_6181985967638881531_n - Version 2May 16 will be shipped after June 4. If you have a special order in mind, please make sure to place it before May 16. Thanks so much. There are still 22 days to get your orders on the way.

I will keep you posted on what happens on our trip if I am able to publish a new post from my smart phone, otherwise it will have to wait till we get back.

Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather, I know I am…it’s been a real tough winter here in Maine. We do not have a buttercups yet, but looking forward to them…instead of snow, we will get a yellow field full of these flowers and fireflies at night. That’s the reward for living through such a hard, cold  and long winter.




Going with the Flow

P1030718Always wondering why an artist is inspired one day and not the other. I have days when I could just create one thing after the other and it keeps coming. I often have to stop everything I am doing to go with the flow and let my imagination, creativity flow because it’s time. I am compulsive and very often 100% into what I am doing and find it very difficult to stop, but it really is very crucial to listen to the still small voice of the spirit and go with that. I find that I am inspired by God of all creation and His imagination is limitless. If I stay tuned to the source I should never run out of ideas. I need to always be aware of my surroundings, aware of the sounds and waves around me and to not miss a beat. This morning I couldn’t sleep and just had a frustrating night and got out of bed early. I looked out through the dripping wet windows and saw two deer in the back of my house. I was so excited, because this summer I have wondered where they all went and here they were, beautiful and gracious. It made my day!

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery (St Exupery is from my home town – Lyon France)

I love this quote as it speak of the unseen. It speaks of the future, of creativity and seeing with the eyes of the heart – the source we need to draw from.

I love food and this photo is from our trip to China a few years back. The feast is prepared with all the ingredients, colors and tastes and all we have to do is just sit and enjoy! It’s the same with letting our imagination flow. If we wait for the meal to be cold or old, it will not taste good and won’t be a memorable experience. If we eat it while it’s warm and fresh it will be tasty and wonderful. We have to partake of what’s presented to us at the time it is served and use every bit of it to create our newest piece of art.

It’s all about going with the flow…………

Everything New

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I just changed my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I have been wanting to show everyone the area where I live and what’s around me to inspire me in my daily work. I live in Maine and it’s just really beautiful this time of year. I love nature and the life I see all around me. Some of these photos were taken very recently right from my backyard.

Etsy Shop SEOs

Well it has been quite an adventure, and I am not sure it’s over yet! Etsy, the place where I sell my Jewelry online, has recently changed their whole system. When you look for anything on Etsy now, you are using a system comparable to the Google Search Engine, but not quite. If it was exactly like Google’s SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) it would be easier for everyone who owns a shop. It’s just an intricate, tedious, unending amount of work and I have had quite a few headaches trying to get this thing together. I am more of an expert now than I was a couple of months ago! So if you are a customer and are seeing all these changes happening on my shop that’s what’s going on!

I am basically getting all ready for the Holidays /Christmas Season. I started this summer and have had little time to create because I spent so much time updating listings, photos etc. I think my shop looks better and more the way I always wanted it now and that’s an accomplishment.

Some of my prices have gone up because the price of Sterling Silver has practically doubled this past year. So everything is more expensive for me and has a result for you too.

I am thinking of maybe starting a Newsletter for my customers, but haven’t had the time to get that together yet. I am also going to have a CHRISTMAS SALE, or just FREE SHIPPING for my whole shop! I will get my act together real soon!

I have all kinds of ideas for new designs or other colors for some of the present designs. I sometimes wake up at night dreaming of Jewelry Designs. I pray before I get to sleep for God to show me Designs, since he is the Creator and knows all things. He has been amazing in this way forever! The problem is to remember what the Designs He gave me were, once I wake up!!! I’m so thrilled I am sleeping enough to dream again. I am working with a doctor who helps me naturally and it is working!

Well that’s all for now. Don’t get too stressed out with this new season coming…it’s supposed to be about Peace and Grace and not Stress…right?