Time for Nature

In Maine winters are quite long, cold and often lonely, many people living very isolated lives. When spring comes, nature comes alive and everyone seems to come out of their hibernation. I love flowers and birds and this spring we did some landscaping in our backyard to attract more birds and see more nature. Now we have our own little bird sanctuary and we love it. Having had health issues and some days where I don’t even leave the house, looking outside at these birds and flowers is now a great gift. I love taking photos as some of you already know and these are a few of my most recent ones. I love to watch life unfold right before my eyes. Birds go in waves, they have what I call rush hour, where they are at all the feeders at once and then there are times when no one is around…it’s too warm or dark outside or not time to eat. Hummingbirds love the in between times when no other birds are around, mostly as a safety issue. They also generate a lot of energy while they fly or drink nectar. It seems our garden is a place of rest of them. A month ago Zippo, one of our hummingbirds who comes back every spring was resting every evening at dusk on a bush by the house and we could tell he was mostly resting/sleeping. We have also a whole family of bluebirds, mom dad and their 4 children, who first started in one of our birdhouses and they are always visiting on a daily basis.

Of Course watching birds and flowers hasn’t been my only occupation. I learn a lot from nature. Sometimes I really want to see my birds and they just seem like they vanished at that time. I have to learn that creativity and inspiration just work the same, you can’t make it happen. You have to wait for the right time. The same happens with my jewelry…inspiration comes in waves like the birds. I have made many new necklaces and earrings in these past few months. My Etsy shop has been quite busy. I’ve had 171 sales since Jan 1, 2018.

Last but not least, our daughter has two small children whom we adore and try to spend as much time as possible with them.

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful restful summer


On Creativity

This summer we moved from the Boston (MA) Area where we lived for 30 years to the country in Maine…quite an adjustment I must say, even though I love it here. I love to put on my hiking boots and go for a hike in the woods. We have State Parks everywhere here and it’s a joy to explore. I have some viking blood and love adventures in new territory even though I have no sense of direction and get easily lost! I picked up wild mushrooms all summer and had some yummy meals. I grew up going wild mushroom hunting in France with my family & have fond memories of these times.

Some days all I do is take photographs for my shop. This summer I revamped my whole store…photos, listings and all. A lot of time and energy was put into that.

Some days all I do is computer stuff…I am running a Shop, two Websites, a Monthly Newsletter and now this Blog. I love anything that involves creativity…I was born that way. If it’s computer day, a lot of concentration is involved and I sometimes have a hard time stopping…compulsive is my modus operandi…still working on it!

Because I am so intense, I do all of this 100% +, Like my husband says jokingly…everything in moderation! I am really enjoying this blog. It scared me at first but now that I have started, I am on a roll!

Some days the time is right to create new Jewelry. I set myself up with soft music playing in the background (Classical, Instrumental & Soaking Music). I Love to Listen to Julie True, she totally gets my spirit connected to God my Creator and when this happens it’s like digging into treasure…colors, shapes, designs come together!

Today in between the electrician being here with electricity going off and on all morning & updating my blog, I made a new necklace. I love that design…gold chain, gold wire and findings with silver accents.