On Creativity

This summer we moved from the Boston (MA) Area where we lived for 30 years to the country in Maine…quite an adjustment I must say, even though I love it here. I love to put on my hiking boots and go for a hike in the woods. We have State Parks everywhere here and it’s a joy to explore. I have some viking blood and love adventures in new territory even though I have no sense of direction and get easily lost! I picked up wild mushrooms all summer and had some yummy meals. I grew up going wild mushroom hunting in France with my family & have fond memories of these times.

Some days all I do is take photographs for my shop. This summer I revamped my whole store…photos, listings and all. A lot of time and energy was put into that.

Some days all I do is computer stuff…I am running a Shop, two Websites, a Monthly Newsletter and now this Blog. I love anything that involves creativity…I was born that way. If it’s computer day, a lot of concentration is involved and I sometimes have a hard time stopping…compulsive is my modus operandi…still working on it!

Because I am so intense, I do all of this 100% +, Like my husband says jokingly…everything in moderation! I am really enjoying this blog. It scared me at first but now that I have started, I am on a roll!

Some days the time is right to create new Jewelry. I set myself up with soft music playing in the background (Classical, Instrumental & Soaking Music). I Love to Listen to Julie True, she totally gets my spirit connected to God my Creator and when this happens it’s like digging into treasure…colors, shapes, designs come together!

Today in between the electrician being here with electricity going off and on all morning & updating my blog, I made a new necklace. I love that design…gold chain, gold wire and findings with silver accents.