A Story of its Own – One Of A Kind Necklace

This necklace with beautiful Green Grossular Garnets has a real story. I made only one, had bought 2 bead strands….they are expensive! I kept searching for strands alike with very little success. I went to the internet and spent a long time looking and it’s not my favorite thing! I prefer seeing and touching them. Eventually I found a place that would sell me just a handful of them…somewhere in India. I had to use a money order and wasn’t sure I would ever receive any goods (you know how it goes with the internet!)! It took over a month and a half to receive them. They arrived in a metal box that was wrapped in sewn cloth! Amazing…direct from the factory! It totally made my day. This man I connected with through the internet there, seemed like a trustworthy person. I am usually suspicious of deals like that specially in India. I have been there many years ago and I know how it operates. I imagined women cutting these faceted stones by hand…or maybe children working as slaves. I felt guilty that maybe this was happening. Anyway I am yet to make another necklace like this one. The stones turned out a little smaller and with no very dark brown in them, but they are exquisite and beautiful. It really looks like a precious stone necklace. This is the real story behind the scenes. I sold it around Christmas 2010 and it got stolen during shipping! Good thing it was insured. I found the second strand I had lost and made this new necklace with these same beads. It’s beautiful and my last one too. Check the link to be redirected to this piece on my Etsy shop