DIY Cleaning Sterling Silver

The Best-Kept Silver Cleaning Secret Ever!

Saddened that my silver jewelry didn’t look as beautiful as I wanted it to, I investigated the best, most effective way to clean silver that yielded exceptional results.  I was so excited.  I cleaned every piece of silver I could find in my house.  It was amazing, I felt really accomplished.   This doesn’t preclude other silver pieces, such as family heirlooms, silverware and service pieces, picture frames, coins, heck even silver bars.  I tested a few techniques out but this one seems to be the magic combination.  It can be used on all kinds of silver alloys, but cannot be used of other metals or costume jewelry. Silver only! There’s got to be a better way!!!!

What you’ll need:

1) 1 cup of boiling water

2) 1 tablespoon baking soda

3) 1 tablespoon white salt

4) 1/2 cup white vinegar

5) 1 sheet of tinfoil, shiny side up

6) bowl (I used a soup bowl but you can use a larger bowl or even a bucket depending on how much silver you have)

7) Polishing cloth (I used a microfiber cloth).

What to do:

Prep it


Boil the water. While it’s simmering up, line the bottom of the bowl with the tinfoil, shiny side up.  I literally covered the bowl with tinfoil.  Then, add the salt and baking soda to the bottom of the bowl.  Add the vinegar slowly (prepare for the fizz) and mix everything together to dissolve the salt and baking soda.  You want all the granules to dissolve so that they don’t scratch your pieces (always thinking…).

Go ahead and Wait


Add the boiling water to your bowl and then gently drop each piece of silver in the bowl.  Just let it sit, the chemical reaction does all the work for you.  If you wish, you can flip them over with salad tongs,  just to ensure that both sides get exposure to the tinfoil.



Take each piece out carefully, being sure not to burn yourself, and buff it gently with your polishing cloth.  You should start to see all the tarnish come off and all the original glory of your silver come back! If you have charms or stones, you can try massaging good old ketchup on to the silver and rinsing it clean…I don’t think this mixture is OK for enameled charms (although I did it on mine – I was willing to take the risk).

Quoted from Clean My Space Blog

A Little Break for David and Jeanne

P1090209I am sorry for the inconvenience but I have worked really hard these past months with some added physical pain, it hasn’t been easy and I need a vacation. My husband and I are going to France and Italy to visit family and enjoy yummy food. We used to live in Rome in the early 70’s and have always talked about going back there for a visit. We are really looking forward to our trip. We haven’t had a pleasure trip in many years. We haven’t brushed up on our Italian either, just will have to wing it!  French is my native language so being in France should be easy but I still struggle to find some words after having lived in the US for almost 40 years. The times we have traveled far and wide (as far as China and New Zealand) have been ministry trips and not exactly very relaxing. So it’s time to relax and enjoy something different and we are so looking forward to getting away after a long winter.

I will not be in my studio from May 19 to June 4 and would appreciate if you could place your orders before that time. Anything placed after 10153126_636339803088637_6181985967638881531_n - Version 2May 16 will be shipped after June 4. If you have a special order in mind, please make sure to place it before May 16. Thanks so much. There are still 22 days to get your orders on the way.

I will keep you posted on what happens on our trip if I am able to publish a new post from my smart phone, otherwise it will have to wait till we get back.

Hope you are enjoying the warmer weather, I know I am…it’s been a real tough winter here in Maine. We do not have a buttercups yet, but looking forward to them…instead of snow, we will get a yellow field full of these flowers and fireflies at night. That’s the reward for living through such a hard, cold  and long winter.




All Systems Go

Just been a busy time here at The Passionate Pearl. Here are a few photos to show you Jeanne’s Little Factory. It’s been quite a stressful weekend with special orders and going back and forth by email with customers trying to find the perfect color match. These are hand picked Freshwater Pearls. Just wanted to show you what I do.


Orders in process

Orders Getting Ready for Shipping


Ready To Ship


Fun Custom Order for UK

Custom Order in Process

Custom Order in Process

Trying to find the right purple to match the other 4 pearls, after 30  back and forth emails...that's not really fun!

Trying to find the right color pearls after 40 back and forth emails…that’s not my favorite part, as of 4/10/14 this order of 3 pairs of earrings is still sitting on my table waiting for a green light.


Update on The Passionate Pearl Jewelry



Where I Live

Where I Live

It is the end of a long and very cold winter here in Maine and it’s time to have a fun time. Enjoy this short-term sale. I have had a few health issues (not terminal) this past few months and just haven’t written on my blog…too tired to do much of anything. My shop has grown with new items these past few months. I am now selling a lot of my Interlocking Rings Necklaces from 2 rings to 6, both in Sterling Silver and Gold Fill. I have Family and Mother Necklaces. I couldn’t make enough of them during the Holiday Season.

14K Gold Filled 4 Ring Family Necklace

14K Gold Filled 4 Ring Family Necklace

Making a Double Ring Necklace

Making a Double Ring Necklace

Mother Necklace

My Bestseller

My Bestseller – Double Ring Necklace

True Sisters


Why is it so hard to let my sister go?

Claire recently came to visit me here in Maine with her husband for a few days. She lives in France where I am from and since she left Maine a few days ago, I feel like half my heart is missing. We are not twins but we might as well be. We always went to school together and spent much time together when we grew up even though I had 6 other siblings. We are heart sisters and that’s the way family should be. We still just want to spend as much time as possible together. It’s been one of my greatest crosses to bear to have to live 3000 miles away from Claire. There are no other people who quite understand me like she does. I miss the free spirit and fun she is. We are miles apart but so close in spirit even though spiritually we believe in different things.

She came to visit us in the US in 1983 when my twins were born and we faced major trauma as Isabelle (one of the twins) was born very small (1Lb, 11Oz) and with congenital Hydrocephalus. It was one the most difficult things we ever had to deal with as a family – she had 6 surgeries in 5 years. Even though my father died two weeks after our twins were born and never met them, Claire happened to be here visiting and we were able to travel together to France with our 2 week old twin Julia for the funeral. She has always been there for me.

I thank God for Skype because we can still “see” each other on the internet and as we age, we are not too surprised by the way we look when we meet again in person. I try to not spend more than 2 years without seeing my siblings. The youngest one is now 58 and the oldest 70. I do not have the energy I used to have as I now have some physical issues.

I long to meet more real people who are not afraid to tell it like it is. Every time I go back there, I love how frank and real people are. People here say to me why don’t you go back to France? My answer is I have 3 daughters and I couldn’t bear to live so far away from them. A mother carries her children in her heart forever!

After almost 30 years Claire hadn’t been to my house in the US since this last visit. I was a nervous wreck before she arrived. Would she like the US – she might not like anything here because it is so different from France! We actually had an exceptional time together…couldn’t have worked much better! They loved Maine and we had a great time together. Sometimes our worst fears are totally unfounded! My husband and her husband got along great and the 4 of us were a real good match. We even celebrated our twins 30th Birthday which was extra special. My husband and I have no extended family here to ever celebrate anything with, so it was a real treat for all of us here!

I love how faithful God is even when we have no faith. I was crying all day after we left them at the airport. Living without my family here has been a real challenge over the past 38 years we have been in the US. I know that all things work together for good for those who love God and I have seen it happen over and over again but what do you do when your heart is broken and you know there is no place to take the pain except to God. In these raw times I need someone with flesh on.

“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Even though the sun set that day, it came back the next day and the day after that and I have been fine. The transition is always tough at first and then we get used to being separate.

I have sometimes thought that not seeing my family would be easier than seeing them because it is always so tough to leave them. As I become older, I know that every year is another opportunity to get to know them better. Family is precious! We tend to push people away and think that it will leave us unscathed…but that’s just an illusion!

Unforgiveness can be deadly. it is important to reconcile and just love on people specially those closest to us. The thing that will always remain is love…

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)


Artistic Origins

Artistic Origins

I received the most praise growing up for the way I painted, that was my gift! I had found something that would get my parents attention. Being one of 8 children It was hard to get your parents attention. My … Continue reading

In All Honesty

Thank you Carolyn for your honesty and transparency. I am so happy that God connected us through our special group of women. I am a very grateful reader of your blogs. You’re worth it is one I particularly love.

You inspire me and give me courage to bring darkness into the light. I wasn’t abused as a child, maybe overseen a lot as I came from a family

Mom before she met my dad. Love that photo of her!

Mom before she met my dad. Love that photo of her!

of 8 children. My mom had no tools to go by as she was one of two children and went through a lot of emotional distress because of constant disagreements between her parents as my grandma was having an affair and my mom was her confident – can you imagine that kind of stress when you are 11 or 12 years old? As a result of her past, I never saw my parents fight -“everything was just fine!” We never knew what went on and that was the dysfunction of my family. If mom was upset about something, everything was hidden and under the surface. We could tell she was upset but she would not let us know what was going on so we had to guess. We became face expression readers.  It is like learning a totally new language. Hit or miss!!!! Still today because of this, I think people are mad at me when they aren’t. It’s survival mode. I have identified with people all over the world who have been raised by very strict parents like mine, I can specially relate to some oriental cultures when sometimes things are not expressed in an open way.

Mom was the best mom she could be to us and we certainly knew she loved us. She’s been gone almost 7 years now and I miss her all the time. God restored our relationship in her later years as mom’s heart softened.  Our healing happened as she became closer to Jesus. Mom was catholic,

Archangel Michael painted by Mom

Archangel Michael painted by Mom

the religion I was brought up in. In her later years after my dad died, she had a revelation of Jesus as she painted His face very similar to the icon pictured on left. My mom was an amazing artist. Mom’s iconography teacher and friends didn’t believe you could actually hear from God. They thought she was a heretic because God spoke to her. I was one of the only ones in my family who understood what she was going through because I was also hearing from God myself. I was no longer catholic but had embraced the protestant faith which was a real issue and still is a real issue for most of my siblings who are mostly new agers now. I remember going to nun schools in France where I grew up and we were brain washed about Jews and Protestants – Jews had killed Jesus and protestants were heretics in Europe  and many ended up burned at the stake.

As a result of both of my parents hidden emotions, I became full of unexpressed emotions, bitterness and resentments. I came to God through a 12 step program because of my husband’s drinking issues and after that I didn’t see my family for 5 years while I was going through some deep emotional healing. I needed to step back in order to heal. I had never felt that kind of emotional pain in my life and the loving members of that fellowship just loved me back to life. I Will be forever grateful for slogans like Let Go and Let God, Easy does it, but for the Grace of God. I found church through the back door of Al-Anon. Eventually I needed more of God and was drastically saved and God healed my heart  and still does. It was such a treat to eventually find a God who loved me unconditionally – very hard to accept at first as this was completely the opposite of my upbringing where I had to earn love by being perfect!

I thank my God for all He has done and is still doing. I live with chronic insomnia which runs in my family line, it’s like a disease I have no control over! How can one make one sleep? I go through periods of sleeping a couple of hours a night and hardly being able to function during the day as a result. God has given me supernatural energy and grace to get though these tough days. I want to feel better and be able

My mom and I when she was in assisted living

My mom and I when she was in assisted living

to live a “normal life”.  Sleeping pills just don’t do me much good as they make me depressed and are addictive!  So I choose to live the natural way and wait for God to balance all the chemicals in my body until it all lines up with the way He created it to be. It’s a life of faith and I get frustrated sometimes. In christian circles around me I have had people judge me because “He gives His beloved sleep” and I am not getting it so I must be doing something wrong! I have received prayer after prayer and I’m still struggling with it. All natural herbal therapy has failed. May the God of all Peace fill you to overflowing.

Healing is a process, like life is a process. God is always at work as he never slumbers neither sleeps. He never gives up on us and I am not giving up in believing for a complete healing.

With a Grateful heart


Complimentary Shipping until Mothers Day

Complimentary Shipping until Mothers Day

*** COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING *** AT THE PASSIONATE PEARL Continental US Orders Only Until Mother’s Day

Where Did Everyone Go?

Amazing hidden nature... Trees, plants, animals, birds stay hidden with the cold winters we have in Maine where we live. I have been thinking of them specially this winter where we have had quite a few blizzards. It’s disconcerting to see everything dead out there. The birds are gone, the deer and wild turkeys no longer come out. Where do they go, what happens to them?

IMG_2404Here is what I found in an article about winter in Finland: “The preparation for winter is a long and complicated procedure for plants and animals. Only a small part of the adaptation for winter is visible, most of it happens in the cells where biochemical changes increase the cold and dry tolerance of cells. Still winter destroys a lot of life. Along with the tolerance of coldness and dryness, tolerance of winter includes the idea of how to survive the snow cover or the near lack of it. In estimating the effects of the snow cover on animals, the abilities to move in the snow, to find shelter in the snow, to dig food from under the snow, and to adapt to food above the snow has to be taken into account. Even though it’s dark under the snow, it’s quite “warm” there, the temperature is near zero (32*F) Many insects and small mammals spend the winter in the ground under the snow. Many animals are in dormancy during the winter. Trees and plants that are above the snow are the food for many herbivores. Seeds, bark and other living tissues are very wanted food, even conifer needles that contains resin are good enough. Those plant parts that are above snow are very cold and dry tolerant: the same shoots that may die in summer can tolerate coldness in the winter which can be -30 to -60*C. The root system of trees is well sheltered but they are usually very sensitive to cold if compared to those parts that are above the ground.”

What happens to animals in the Winter? This is a question that roamed through my head all winter this year. I live now in the country and am much more aware of the radical changes of nature. In the natural everything is gone and dead, but there must be  life waiting!

Animals do many different, amazing things to get through the winter. Some of them “migrate” in the fall. Birds can fly very long distances. For example, the Arctic tern nests close to the North Pole and flies to Antarctica. Each spring it returns north again. That is a very long way even in a airplane! Most birds migrate shorter distances. But how do they find their way to the same place each year? Birds seem to navigate like sailors once did, using the sun, moon and stars for direction. They also seem to have a compass in their brain for using the Earth’s magnetic field.

Some animals “hibernate” for part or all of winter. The animal’s body temperature drops, and its heartbeat and breathing slow down. It uses very little energy. In the fall, these animals get ready for winter by eating extra food and storing it as body fat. They use this fat for energy while hibernating. Many eat extra food in the fall while it is plentiful. It is stored as body fat to be used later for energy. Hibernators have two kinds of fat: regular white fat and a special brown fat. The brown fat forms patches near the animal’s brain, heart and lungs. It sends a quick burst of energy to warm these organs first when it is time to wake up. You could call this a natural Induced Coma! The biggest problem for most animals in the winter is finding enough food. If an animal’s main source of food is very scarce in the winter, like insects or green plants, it may solve this problem by hibernating. This deep sleep allows them to conserve energy, and survive the winter with little or no food. Some, when the weather gets cold, move to the bottom of lakes and ponds. There, frogs, turtles and many fish hide under rocks, logs or fallen leaves. They may even bury themselves in the mud. They become dormant. Cold water holds more oxygen than warm water, and the frogs and turtles can breathe by absorbing it through their skin. What an amazing world we live in and why can’t we humans hibernate, that would be so much easier, no heating bills, no snow shoveling etc, wouldn’t that solve a lot of problems?


A Soaking Conference we did in China

Matters of the heart are similar, we need to store good things in our hearts and have our inner being filled with love, peace, joy, kindness and such so it’s all there to grab, when we need it….like we withdraw money from our bank account.

How do we achieve this state? By resting in His Presence we are filled by God’s Spirit. The more often we do it, the more we receive! It’s a survival tool! This is a good way to store up peace and draw from that place when the time comes. Spending time in God’s Presence with our hearts ready to receive from Him is crucial. We send time with our family and friends in order to know them better. It’s a time we focus on relationship, a time of just receiving and not asking for anything specific. I call it soaking. I have done a lot of soaking where I place myself in a comfortable chair, or lie down on the floor and listen to Godly soothing music and get filled up. It has become necessary for me to do this in order to live a full and healthy life. It prepares me for difficult times where I do not have much of myself to give but God’s heart stored in me takes over!

What lessons are here for us? Like nature our lives go through seasons. Resting in His presence prepares us for all the seasons we may encounter. When adversity and chaos come, like what is happening in Boston right now with terrorism (our daughter lives in Cambridge in the midst of a city under siege, His peace will be found within us. There is a natural flow to our lives, we can’t fight nature! God made seasons in nature and we are to adapt to the seasons of our lives. All things are made beautiful in His time and there is no place far from His presence. He sees every bird, tree, bear, person and watches over them. Nothing is hidden from his sight.  

“Be still and know that I am God!” Ps 46:10