My Favorite Blue Piece

I have had more pleasure making this Hand Knotted Blues Freshwater Pearl Necklace, than anything I have made up until now. This is actually my second one so it’s not exactly OOAK (One of a Kind), since I have had only enough of these beautiful Freshwater Pearls to make a second one. These are my absolute favorite colors. I am a water baby…love colors of lakes, rivers, oceans. The most beautiful place I have ever seen was Lake Wanaka at sunset in the South Island of New Zealand, where I was on a trip with my husband. We were teaching a workshop on Dreams and Visions in the North Island in Taupo. This lake literally took my breath away…it was like God said here they come and I’m going to paint them the most beautiful picture and He did! Hope you enjoy this correlation of both Nature and Creativity. I just think that they go together so beautifully. There is a story to this photo because I had a little camera with a small memory card and I had used up all my photos. So I had to  upload the photos on my computer to free the memory card for more photos…all this as the sun is setting….oh la la…that was a stretch! But I  was able to make it in time. I still get so much peace looking at this lake from the comfort of my home. If you don’t mind long flights, New Zealand’s south Island is the most beautiful place in the world I have seen yet and I have done a lot of traveling in my days! Growing up in Europe, you travel from one country to the other rather quickly. I have been to India, China, Malaysia, Philippines as well…but New Zealand won my heart.